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Fantasy and Science Fiction ArtFantasy and Science Fiction ArtFantasy and Science Fiction ArtFantasy and Science Fiction Art

Alchemy Magic Science Nature Art

Wizkins of Charmed Arbor

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Wee Wizkins Fantasy Art Sculptures are sure to charm and delight with their comical hats and rosy bottoms.

Tech Support- Steampunk Desk Helpers

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When you need the job done fast, call Tech Support!

Fun and Funky Objet D'Art

mermaid sculpture polymer clay tea cup outdoors

Here you will find all manner of fantasy art, Science Fiction art and Altered Objects. Cups, keys, boxes, and bowls... 

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Mix it altogether...that's where you find her, Salty Sculptress.

See your Idea come to life! Custom Sculptures

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Let's talk! Science Fiction Art Fandom Mash-ups are fun! Let's create your unique fantasy art piece!

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